Bald Eagles DC4 and DC5 Have Hatched!

Bald Eagles DC4 and DC5 Have Hatched!
After weeks of anticipation, they’re here! DC4, the first eaglet,  hatched Wed. March 29. The second egg, DC5 hatched Thu. March 30.
We’ll be watching the nest’s new inhabitants for the next few months as they quickly grow.
Keep an eye and ear on the nest where the eaglets are fed and kept warm by Mr. President and The First Lady. The camera’s microphone (new this year) picks up the eaglet chirps and peeps.
For more, see DC4 hatch video (YouTube) and DC5 hatch video (YouTube)

DC4 and newly hatched sibling DC5 (3/30/17)

Times to watch:

Before the eggs hatched, you could see the eagles roll the eggs over and resettle on top of them every 20 minutes or so. Now that the eggs have hatched, both parents will be flying back and forth to the nest on food runs. Eagle chicks grow quickly, from a few inches to three feet tall in mere months.

Milestone moments to keep in mind:

* Hatching about 35 days after eggs were laid
* Sitting up at 4 weeks
* Brown feathers starting to grow at 6 weeks
* Reaching full size with brown juvenile plumage at 12 weeks
* Fledging at 80 to 90 days after eggs were laid.

DC4 & DC5 sit at their parent’s feet awaiting feeding (4/3/17)

About the Nest

The Arboretum’s nesting pair of Bald Eagles named “Mr. President” and “The First Lady” laid their two eggs of the 2017 season in mid-February. As the fourth and fifth eggs of the pair at this nest, the eggs– now eaglets– are being called DC4 and DC5. Details about naming the eagles TBA.
This year, we will have sound as well as video, since microphones were installed this summer when the nest was stabilized.


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